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Why choose homes in Mississauga?


Almost everyone in Ontario has heard of Mississauga, a city dubbed as Toronto’s little brother and many seem to think that it is indeed little. Of course that is very untrue as this ‘little’ city covers more ground than some European countries. Mississauga is the 4th largest suburb in the world by population and another interesting fact is that the city has not borrowed money since the late 80’s - it is debt free. The city has an abundance of both real estate and jobs, and there is always room for new residents looking for homes or condos within the city. Why not take a look through our many listings and point out a few homes you might like to take a look at? It won’t be hard to convince anyone that this is a beautiful and fun place to live.


The city is full of entertainment, recreation, and fun for people of all ages, with beautiful restaurants on the main strip, mixed in with unique shops and boutiques for those who enjoy retail therapy and of course the Square One Shopping Centre, one of the largest malls in Canada is located in central Mississauga. But the city isn’t only about shopping; there is plenty of live entertainment, an impressive Canada Day celebration, a South Asian arts festival known as Mosaic, and of course the annual summer festival, featuring several free events and specialized days for everyone from families to vintage car owners. Not to mention how quick it is to hop in the car and head in to see a Blue Jays or Maple Leafs game.


Knowing that the city promises fun and safety is sure to be a deciding factor, not to mention the family based activities from splash pools to children’s sport teams - perfect for helping your little ones make friends and get active. This is an ideal city for families, with its quiet and peaceful neighbourhoods where beautiful homes have large lots and perfect yards for kids and pets. Of course not everyone is hunting for a big house and yard; there are also many newly developed townhouses and smaller detached homes waiting for young couples or empty nesters.


An experienced real estate agent will help you find everything you’re looking for in a property, and can easily compile a list of homes you might love in short order. If you happen to be looking to sell your current house and find a new place in the city, you don’t need to worry about having your listing seen; a Realtor can easily take care of showing your home while you organize your move. As moving is stressful enough on its own, having someone experienced to help you might just be the best thing to keep your own affairs organized.


Each neighbourhood caters to a different crowd, and each has several schools with excellent ratings so every child has a good education waiting for them. There are in fact 22 neighbourhoods throughout the city; for example, Applewood is an area with many houses and many trees surrounding the lot, though there are also office spaces and townhouses.  Truly this is a rare space with something for everyone. For those looking for a condo, the city centre and Mississauga Valley neighbourhoods are your best bet.


Being so close to Toronto means that you can go ahead and chase down that Toronto based job without a worry.  Hopping on the 401 or the GO train will have you there in a snap. It seems this city is the best of both worlds, being connected to a super city but standing alone and having its own, quiet identity. You can be sure that once you come home to your peaceful neighbourhood, you will be glad you chose to live in a slightly less busy city.


A neat feature this city boasts is the various parks right on the water.  Who could resist taking a stroll on a trail that hugs the coastline and allows you a beautiful view over Lake Ontario. The green spaces and parks all over are well kept and well enjoyed by the residents.  Some wouldn’t expect to find this much nature within a big city. One of the best things about Mississauga is all of the hidden gems that you will discover each day you live here. So why not call today – let us get started to help you find your perfect home and fall in love with our city.



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